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My Name Is Joshua Mackens

Have you heard my story?


When I graduated college I started work for a small local hot tub retail company in Nashville, TN. My job was to make sure customers walked in the door and then walked right back out again, taking a hot tub with them. I was in charge of marketing and sales. My boss wanted me to focus heavily on Local SEO. In fact, he was paying some guy $1,500 a month for Local SEO already.

I started trying to learn Local SEO but the fact was (and still is) that the information just wasn’t out there. It was an uphill battle and I never mastered Local SEO while I was there. I simply didn’t have the tools needed available to me. Had the University been around when I worked at that hot tub retail company my boss would have been all over it. He would have saved himself a ton of money and it would have saved me a lot of time.

So, what is the Local Business Internet Marketing University? The University is what I created out of my experience at the hot tub store. I didn’t mention this but I did go on to master Local SEO eventually on my own, as well as other types of internet marketing, opening up my own successful internet marketing agency in the process in 2011, Tutelary Marketing. The University is a culmination of what I learned from the experience at that small hot tub retail store and all the internet marketing knowledge I’ve gained since through my agency and working with local businesses.

The University is here to help dispense that hard won internet marketing knowledge to local businesses to help them solve the same problem I had: learning how to market our local business on the internet.