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My Name Is Joshua Mackens

Have you heard my story?


When I graduated college I started work for a small local hot tub retail company in Nashville, TN. My job was to make sure customers walked in the door and then walked right back out again, taking a hot tub with them. I was in charge of marketing and sales. My boss wanted me to focus heavily on Local SEO. In fact, he was paying some guy $1,500 a month for Local SEO already.

I started trying to learn Local SEO but the fact was (and still is) that the information just wasn’t out there. It was an uphill battle and I never mastered Local SEO while I was there. I simply didn’t have the tools needed available to me. Had the University been around when I worked at that hot tub retail company my boss would have been all over it. He would have saved himself $1,350 a month and it would have saved me a lot of time.

So, what is the Local Business Internet Marketing University? The University is what I created out of my experience at the hot tub store. I didn’t mention this but I did go on to master Local SEO eventually on my own, as well as other types of internet marketing, opening up my own successful internet marketing company in the process. The University is a culmination of what I learned from the experience at that small hot tub retail store and all the internet marketing knowledge I’ve gained since.

The University is a warehouse of tutorial videos on internet marketing for local businesses featuring every subject from Local SEO to building your own local business website. We go step by step through everything you need to know when it comes to local business internet marketing.

But that’s not the best part. The real value of the University is in the support. We have built a support forum stacked with our own dedicated internet marketing experts that is available to you Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. The lowest I’ve ever seen a Local SEO consultant charge for their time is $250 an hour. In the forum, you have unlimited support for much, much less.

There are a lot of other features you get as well that you can learn more about in the features section if you’re interested.

Here are some common hurdles we’ve heard from people before:


No Time

If you have no time, that’s a real obstacle. Unless you have a secretary you think can handle internet marketing or someone else in your business that you think can, the University isn’t for you more than likely. Internet marketing isn’t a full time job but there does need to be some type of time dedication, 2-3 hours a week. If you have no time and can afford it, you might be better suited hiring a local business internet marketing company like Tutelary Marketing.



Technology, computers, the internet, websites, it can be very intimidating to some people and we understand that. We always take beginners into account when we publish content to the University because we expect the vast majority of our clients to be beginners. No one is too green for us and we’re not going to let you fail.


Don’t Know Where To Start

This is similar to being intimidated. The University has a curriculum for you to follow. You take steps, progressing through the video tutorials, building on knowledge you learned from each previous video. If you’re still struggling, the support forum is there for you. Again, we’re not going to let you fail.


So Who is the University For?

The University is for local businesses that don’t want to pay thousands of dollars a month for awesome internet marketing.┬áIt’s for the local business that is just getting started and doesn’t have a big budget. It’s for the savvy local business owners that want to turn a $10 a hour employee into an employee that’s worth $50 a hour. It’s for that $10 an hour employee who wants to become a $50 a hour employee. It’s for any local business that wants to learn how to do their own internet marketing.

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